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Happy 50th Birthday Mini

Well today is the 50th birthday of that wonderful old car, the mini!

I just mention it here as I believe it should be celebrated, and it also gives me the chance to reminisce about my own first car, my lovely beautiful Red Hot Mini!

My Mini Red Hot

My Mini Red Hot

As a car it was wonderful to drive, I knew exactly where all the corners of the car were for parking due to it’s excellent all round vision and I could squeeze it through the tiniest gaps. When I was having a bad day there was nothing better than driving down the street and finding another mini driving coming the other way, flashing their lights and waving in greeting. That never failed to cheer me up!

Unfortunately my happy love affair with my mini came to end when it became apparent that you could stick a screwdriver through most of the floor! There was no way that I could have afforded the welding costs to repair that much damage so it was with a really heavy heart that I had to say goodbye. Luckily I found a buyer that was keen to do the car up rather than taking it apart for scrap, but that didn’t make up for my loss. Hopefully one day I will have another mini to bomb about the countryside in but until that day I shall just have to look bad fondly over my old photos with a large sense of nostalgia.

And you can join me in this nostalgia – here are some pictures of my beautiful mini so that you can all admire it! (Well go on, start admiring!)


One thought on “Happy 50th Birthday Mini

  1. Jan says:

    Awww… I miss your Mini too!! It was a wonderful little car!! 🙂

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