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Magento – url functions

Current magento version –

Magento had some very handy functions that easily allow you to find some fundamental urls of your site from your phtml files so you can avoid hardcoding them. These are:

  • $this->getBaseUrl() – returns the base url of your store (funnily enough)
  • $this->getSkinUrl() – returns the url of the folder containing your css, images and local js files (eg skin/frontend/default/your_theme, will vary depending on what package and theme the page is using).
    So to find the image logo.gif in the images folder you would call $this->getSkinUrl('images/logo.gif');. It should be noted that if getSkinUrl does not find the file that you have specified (like images/logo.gif) then it will default to looking in the default theme folders rather than your custom theme folders.
  • $this->getJsUrl() – returns the url of the main js folder. So if you want to include a new js library from a template you can use this.

There are probably a few other functions like this, and some variations including some that use the Mage_Core_Model_Store, but there are the ones that I use most often.


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