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PHPNW09 write up

phpnw09_logoSo it’s a few days after PHPNW09 now, and I think I have finally fully recovered!

For anyone who has never been to a conference I really would suggest that you check it out and look into any events that happen near you,as they really are worth every penny through what you get of them.

This year was no different and I have come away with so many ideas, hopefully more knowledge, an increased to-do list, and so many more friends that for the bargain early bird price of £50 you really can’t complain! Well my liver might, after the enthusiasm that I approached the free bar with, thanks Sun!

So I arrived on the Friday evening and promptly headed to the pub! Well what else would I do? There I managed to catch some of the speakers before they went off to their dinner, but then actually went out myself for a lovely girly dinner with a group of php women to an excellent local indian. I have to admit I ducked out a bit early that night though, claiming pathetic tiredness.

As a result though I was up bright and early on Saturday, ready for a day of networking and brain overload, which was well planned as it was a busy day with some very interesting sessions that have given me a lot to take away and think about.

First up was Kevlin Henney’s keynote on The Uncertainty Principle – this was a great talk to kick off the conference. Not to heavy hitting for that early in the morning at the weekend, but with some very interesting observations about software development and design/planning processes that really made you think about your own approach to things.

Other talks that I attended included Lorna Mitchell‘s Passing the Joel Test in the PHP World, Bastian Feder’s talk on PHPDocumentor, Rob Allen’s Getting A Website Out The Door, Derick Rethan’s talk on Xdebug, Michael Nolan’s Building and Anti-CMS, and finally Scott MacVicar’s talk on how to get involved in the PHP project.

I’m not going to talk about them individually as I’d be here for ages, but I can say truthfully that I got a lot out of every single one of them. As a general rule they were all very well presented, engaging and covering topics that I find particularly interesting or are of particular relevance to me at the moment. I have a lot of interesting notes and reminders jotted down all over the place in the hope that I can decipher them later and jog my memory on things I’d like to look into further.

For a list of the slides look here, and hopefully soon the videos of the talks will also be online and I thoroughly recommend that you look them up as they are well worth seeing.

So after a full day of trying to learn and absorb information I promptly headed back to the bar to undo all the good work by taking full advantage of the free bar, which I probably did a little bit too successfully so I’ll gloss over that bit!

But still, in an impressive feat of self control and alarm clock triumphing over personal comfort, I was up less bright but still early on the Sunday ready to meet Lorna to head down to the MOSI for the round of morning talks. I was only able to make 3 of these – Ben Scholzen talking about Tokens and Lexemes, Juliette Reinders Folmer on UTF-8 and Rick Ogden with a basic introduction to OOP – before having to sneak away, but all 3 were interesting and well presented enough to work their way through my slightly hungover brain. I found Juliette’s the most interesting talk and it’s a subject that I’ll definitely have to look up in more detail, as it seems to be very involved and I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to get more involved with it than I’d like soon in an upcoming project.

So understandably it’s taken me a few days to recover but it was such a great weekend, I can’t wait for the next event. If you were there then don’t forget to rate the talks you attended on If you weren’t there then you seriously missed out, but hopefully you’ll consider attending next year, or certainly attending the next event local to you.

Hello to everyone that I met, and hopefully I’ll see you again soon!


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