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Magento Products Inc Tax Issue

I’ve recently been working on quite a complex magento setup, that involves a number of different stores based in different countries.

A problem was reported where some stores appeared to be adding the tax twice in the shopping cart. The product prices had been setup including tax but the tax was then being added again in the cart, despite the tax settings in the admin clearly stating that the product prices already included tax and the cart subtotal should display excluding tax.

So for a moment I panicked thinking that this was going to be some overly complicated bug that I’d need to fix (not what I needed on a Friday).

So in a desperate effort to avoid that I looked around and fiddled with as many settings as I could think of, hoping that one of these would solve the problem, meaning that there was no horrible bug but just some obscure settings conflict. This was a good plan!

Although the tax calculation settings seemed to be correct, the ‘Default tax destination calculation’ was still set to the default country ‘USA’ so I changed this to the correct country for that particular store. I also changed the shipping origin under ‘Delivery settings’ to be the country rather than the default of ‘USA’ and this is what actually solved the problem.

I know this seems like a really simple thing, but hopefully it’ll save someone else a lot of searching around. I also thought I’d better post this incase I come across this problem again and can’t remember what I did to fix it last time! A blog can be a very useful memory tool!


3 thoughts on “Magento Products Inc Tax Issue

  1. Dimitrios Mistriotis says:

    This post saved my sanity and my day. More than 2 days of work solved in 2 minutes.

  2. Deific1 says:

    Thank you, this is a conflict that will make you loose it if you can’t figure it out

  3. Phuc says:

    Wow, it ‘s amazing, you know. It help me very very much. After set the right country in Tax setting, it won’t work until I set the right country in “Shipping Settings => Origin”. Thank you very much!!!

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