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Day Camp For Developers 2010

On the 6th of November there’s an interesting new online event happening that I wanted to draw your attention to.

Day Camp 4 Developers is an event aimed at all programmers regardless of your favoured language of use, as it focuses more on soft skills rather than specific technical ones (which I’m sure we all like to think we rock at anyway). Soft skills often get overlooked though, which is possibly foolish as they can be key factor affecting our career progression and ability to become a valued well-rounded team member.

I’ve heard most of the speakers speak before and can highly recommend them for their ability to present information in an interesting and engaging way. Even if you can’t watch them live on the day, the sessions will be available for you to watch anytime at your own convenience, so there’s really nothing to stop you!

Check out the sessions here and book here to reserve your place.


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