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StageFright – resources on public speaking


I’ve been to quite a few technical conferences now and at pretty much each event I got involved in discussions about public speaking and presentation techniques. This is partly because I’m friends with a lot of regular speakers who often get asked for advice about getting into speaking or who are looking for feedback and tips about their own performance. The rise of feedback services like also serve to highlight that there is a lot more to presenting a topic than simply standing up and delivering the information.

How much information should you include in your slides, and in what format? Should you even have slides? How do you deal with the nerves? How do you even get your talk accepted at an event in the first place? Just how do those regular speakers do it and make it look so easy?

There are so many aspects to presenting, particularly when it comes to fairly dry technical topics, that if you’re looking to start out speaking or improve your technique it can be difficult to know where to start.

Announcing StageFright

This is why I’ve started StageFright. It’s a simple project that aims to list in one place all the really great online content relating to public speaking. Due to the field that I’m in there will be an unconscious bias towards sources originating from the open source development community, but that isn’t the aim of the site and all of the resources will be relevant in some way to anyone regardless of their location, talk topic or audience.


It’s also simple to add resources that you come across yourself. StageFright is hosted on GitHub so simply send a pull request or create an issue to contribute. I, and anyone who visits StageFright looking for help, would really appreciate it!


2 thoughts on “StageFright – resources on public speaking

  1. Marc Jadoul says:

    These are exactly the kind of topics that I am covering in my weekly blog posts on
    Have a look at it and feel free to link/reblog/sydicate.

  2. loonytoons says:

    Thanks Marc, will definitely check it out 🙂

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