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jQuery slideToggle and ie7

I had an interesting issue where in ie7, the element that I was displaying using the jQuery slideToggle function, would seem to jump out of place once the animation had finished. As I was displaying a list, I first assumed that in ie7 the element was adding in the...

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Magento – using jQuery

Current magento version – jQuery is my favoured javascript library. It is the one I use most so it’s familiar and I can develop quickly with it. Magento however relies heavily on a mix of prototype, scriptalicious and their own varien scripts, none of which I’m familiar with...

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Jquery .live and .livequery

I recently had a problem where I was trying to insert some product information into a page, with the information shown changed depending on which product was selected from a drop down list. Here is the select list and the div that I wanted the extra information to be...

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